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  • Happy EMS week to all EMS Professionals that make a difference every day and night in so many people's lives! Many of them are volunteers...

    May 21

  • May 21

  • The summer is upon us...with it come heat related illnesses. Here is great article that explains in depth and provides treatment options for exercise related heat stroke (EHS).

    May 14

  • Interesting study...CPR + shock twice before Epi!

    May 08

  • May 07

  • May 03

  • April 15

  • April 01

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    April 01

  • Winsted Area Ambulance Association is hosting a Red Cross blood drive on Saturday, April 8th 8:00-1:00. 655 Main Street, Winsted, CT 06098. (Winsted Ambulance headquarters) Come help us save up to 3 lives with each donation! To schedule an appointment, please go to: For all smart phone users there is a quick, easy and FREE app that can be used to schedule your appointment right from your phone! Check it out! Hope to see you there!

    April 01

  • A good article on when and when not to use lights and sirens while transporting a patient to the hospital.

    March 28

  • While some of us struggle to move forward into the past...other look ahead...

    March 24

  • Size does matter...

    March 22

  • Hopefully soon...:)

    March 12

  • Blood and Plasma the way to go in EMS...

    March 06

  • Cool article...check it out...

    March 03

  • Winsted Ambulance is proud to announce the addition of a 2nd Lucas CPR "machine". This will allow us to have a Lucas on our primary ambulance as well as our secondary ambulance. The device has proven to be very helpful during any cardiac arrest, but especially in complicated situation like a cardiac arrest on the roof of a house and another one just the other day following a cold water rescue. Despite the added benefits of having the Lucas and the other tools, the most important part in a cardiac arrest is still YOU! Would you know what to do? Come and learn CPR with us...and help us save a life!

    March 01

  • February 23

  • AHA Guidelines now available as App...

    February 02

  • Locking the ambulance at all times may become standard soon.

    January 26

  • NY state expanding move over law!

    January 20

  • To be...or not to be! In shock that is. FDA clears new device measuring Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI), an indicator for fluid loss.

    January 14

  • Cheaper version of Epi-Pen coming from Mylan.

    December 17

  • Tis the season...come on down and see Santa in our Holiday tower!

    December 16

  • Don't just do something, stand there!

    December 15

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