About Us

Winsted Area Ambulance Association is a nonprofit organization (501-c3) that provides primary emergency medical services to the towns of Winsted, Winchester, Riverton, Colebrook, Barkhamsted and West Hartland. In addition, we provide secondary emergency medical services to the towns of Norfolk, New Hartford and Sandisfield, MA under mutual aid agreements.

We are made made up of 35+ volunteers, 1 full-time employee as well as assistance from two staffing agencies. The organization is governed by it's membership and an elected board consisting of the following positions:

President Rachael Dillon (EMT)
Vice President  Arne Meis (Paramedic)
Captain Ryan Weiss (EMT)
Lieutenant Chris Dillon (Advanced EMT)
Treasurer Debbie Angell (EMT)
Secretary Sally Carotenuti
Member Representative Amber Jahr (EMT), Joshua Dumas (EMR)
Town Representative    Mr. Arcelaschi
Chief - Winsted PD   William T. Fitzgerald, JR
Chief - Winsted FD   David Sartirana